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J.A. Clement lives near London with her partner and a blonde and excessively large puppy. She writes her fantasy series “On Dark Shores” whenever she can, mostly in her lunch hour (which probably explains the excessive number of bacon sandwiches that have to be edited out later).

The main series is accompanied by the ‘Parallels’ series which features other stories set in the same world, and there are a couple of other series that she has lined up, mostly in short story format. Her “To-Write” list is as big as your “To-Read” list (and covers several genres, but she just needs to finish this series first…)

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For advanced warning of new releases, you can sign up to her newsletter, or she’s happy to be contacted by readers via email.

She is happy to answer any questions she can without spoilers, and does love a good gossip with fellow bookworms. You have been warned…

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